Clango’s Work Order Reporting Kiosk (WORK) is a self-service, touch-enabled Maximo extension designed to augment, enhance, and simplify IBM Maximo’s work management processes.

  • Responsive design for cross-platform deployments
  • Wide range of work order support (labor, materials, tools, etc.), including underlying tasks
  • Bulk entry feature allows privileged users to add data across users and work orders
  • Fully supports customer and corporate branding
  • Speeds up core Maximo business processes, allowing team members to close more work orders
  • Reduces administrative overhead related to work order closeouts 
  • Adopts customizations made to your existing Maximo deployment
  • Requires minimal training or support to realize ROI
  • Deployable on inexpensive commodity hardware


WORK has been designed to be deployed across virtually any commoditized hardware platform in use today on shop or production floors or in storerooms, maintenance bays, or other work-centric locations. By providing an alternative interface for less technical users, organizations reap many of the benefits of mobile, eliminating the need for administrative data clerks and getting data from work in the field, without the device management and training costs of deploying a mobile solution.

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