Identity Security Advisory


Recognized as a leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) consultancy, Clango enables organizations to mitigate risks around critical business data, infrastructure, and assets. For the last 25 years, we’ve empowered Fortune 500 customers to realize strategic business value by providing them with advice that delivers a clear and comprehensive approach for optimizing their cybersecurity investments.


Identity management is fundamental to nearly every business activity. With the rapid expansion of cloud and mobility as primary applications, identity is the new security perimeter. This has created uncertainty and complexity for many organizations.

Clango helps organizations develop comprehensive IAM strategies to maximize technology investments that help drive business growth and reduce cybersecurity risk. 

Unlike traditional systems integrators who provide unactionable guidance and product-led vendors who need to drive product sales, Clango is able to develop and execute actionable strategies in a technology-agnostic fashion.


From concept to execution, we enable foundational Identity and Access Management, Access Governance, Privileged Access Management, and Fraud Management capabilities. Our comprehensive approach focuses on people, process, and technology, resulting in complete, scalable cybersecurity programs. Our capabilities include:

  • Identity and Access Management/Governance program development
  • Solution integration and optimization
  • Cybersecurity roadmap creation
  • Compliance and audit readiness assessments 
  • Customer Identity and Access Management program development
  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Privileged Access and Administration
  • IOT device management
  • Integrating with Identity Proofing Services
  • Adaptive, Multi-Factor, and Federated Authentication
  • Mover, Joiner, Leaver Policy and Workflow Definition
  • Role and policy definition and governance
  • User and Role Certification Processes
  • Solution rationalization


Drives business value via a well-defined and executed IAM strategy

Reduces cost of ownership and risk while increasing compliance

Improved consistency of user and customer experience as it relates to access and functionality

The Clango Difference

Clango is uniquely suited to operate at both the strategic and technical levels required to deliver a comprehensive solution across a broad spectrum of your IAM needs. 

We listen intently to your needs, allowing us to quickly address underlying issues and deliver an actionable path to identity success.

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience across every major vertical, Clango relies on a disciplined process driven by KPI’s, as opposed to services milestones.


Who You Work With Matters.

By partnering with a group of experienced consultants who work intentionally and diligently to gain a nuanced understanding of your cybersecurity and business needs, you can ensure you’re working with a team that will actively manage your project and deliver a result that will secure and transform your enterprise.

We’re excited to show you all of the ways working with Clango will be an incredible experience that leads to exceptional results!