Omada Advisory & Engineering Services

 Clango’s unique expertise with Omada can help you improve security, reduce costs, and dramatically improve visibility across your organization while maximizing your Identity Management and Access Governance investment.

Services for Your Omada Deployment

Clango offers a full complement of solutions to expand your organization’s Identity Governance capabilities and effectively manage risks as a benefit of your Omada investment. Our capabilities include:

Deployment Services  

Clango will help you deploy a highly tailored Identity Management and Access Governance strategy that supports and enables your business requirements while reducing risk and cost. 

Policy Creation & Enforcement

Clango will help you streamline the execution of controls and improve audit readiness through automated access certifications and policy management.  

Omada Customization   

Clango will help you deploy a highly customized identity and access strategy that supports and enables your business requirements while reducing risk and cost. 

Solution Design and Execution

Clango will provide high-level IGA roadmaps as well as detailed implementation plans for immediate action. 

Compliance and Access Reviews

Clango will ensure that you will always know, in real-time, who has access to what, why, and how an identity’s access rights were attained, simplifying your path to satisfying compliance requirements.

Integration Services

Clango’s engineering team will integrate SailPoint with your Clango will prepare your roles, policies, and custom settings for migration, implement additional toolsets into your environment, integrate Omada with existing systems, and manage the entire migration process. 


Improved Security and Regulatory Compliance

  • Reduce unnecessary access.
  • Enforce segregation of duties policies.
  • Automate access controls to guarantee users’ access is maintained at an appropriate level.
  • Know in real-time who has access to what, for immediate detection and resolution of access-related risks.

Expanded Business Services

  • Enhanced collaboration and rapid access to role-required resources
  • Fast access requests via Omada’s easy-to-use interface for admins and users alike
  • IdentityPROCESS+ framework & Clango’s IGA Methodology ensure existing and new access certifications are driven by business policies and compliance requirements

IT Efficiency Gains

  • Self-service portal for gaining access to necessary systems and applications as defined by user role
  • Built-in support for access approval and policy analysis

The Clango Difference

Clango’s identity and access management subject matter experts and technology professionals provide a full complement of engineering, advisory, and development services to help organizations like yours leverage Omada’s IGA capabilities to drive business value, reduce risk, and improve visibility across your organization via your identity strategy.


Who You Work With Matters.

By partnering with a group of experienced consultants who work intentionally and diligently to gain a nuanced understanding of your cybersecurity and business needs, you can ensure you’re working with a team that will actively manage your project and deliver a result that will secure and transform your enterprise.

We’re excited to show you all of the ways working with Clango will be an incredible experience that leads to exceptional results!