The MATTER platform is a collection of integrated applications that allow you to easily write, schedule, and run tests against your Maximo instance. MATTER utilizes industry standard automated testing tools and is architected to seamlessly integrate with existing DevOps pipelines & CI/CD environments. And it includes a library of over 700 Maximo-specific pre-written test scenarios that are easily adjusted for specific client implementations.

  • Tests are written in clear, readable, English; Any user that knows Maximo can write a Gherkin Script.
  • Tests can be grouped, scheduled or run on demand or in response to an action, like a deployment.
  • Dashboard with feedback on active tests, history of previous tests, and test result metrics.
  • Detailed test reports show step by step success and fail rates, system state, and screen captures.
  • Library of over 700 Maximo-specific test scenarios
  • Ability to write a test once and run it unlimited times.
  • Time savings can be spent developing more tests or doing non-testing tasks.
  • Test format that can be used by human tester and our test platform.
  • Test format that can be written by non-technical resources.
  • Jumpstart and accelerated time to testing via packaged Maximo-specific test scenario library.
  • Easily integrates into existing DevOps pipelines & CI/CD processes.


MATTER allows organizations to run more tests with better coverage than traditional manual testing. As your system grows, you can add tests to the suite and update existing scripts to account for system changes. The dashboard in MATTER allows you to quickly see the current state, review the history of your test runs, view metrics on their success or failure, and access reports with details of individual tests.

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