Deliver new business services rapidly and securely. Clango’s EMBARK allows you to effortlessly and securely onboard servers directly into your CyberArk environment, keeping your employees productive and your security posture intact.

  • Integrates directly with the CyberArk Web API and extends the PACLI interface for maximum security
  • EMBARK can integrate into your DevOps Toolchain and operate in any web service environment
  • Can be used as part of an existing provisioning process and ticketing model
  • Reduces the need to distract IT with new server/VM security requirements
  • Onboards new servers/VMs in compliance with existing security policies in minutes 
  • Eliminates the manual management overhead and costs of generating and onboarding new servers and VMs


EMBARK automates system creation and onboarding of new servers and VMs directly into your CyberArk environment in a matter of minutes. It can also be integrated for auditing and reporting within your existing provisioning processes.

Who You Work With Matters.

By partnering with a group of experienced consultants who work intentionally and diligently to gain a nuanced understanding of your cybersecurity and business needs, you can ensure you’re working with a team that will actively manage your project and deliver a product that will secure and transform your enterprise.

We’re excited to show you all of the ways working with Clango will be an incredible experience that leads to exceptional results!

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