Protect your vaults from unintentional distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks with PRECISION. PRECISION ensures all credentials in CyberArk’s Credentials Provider are up to date in real time and keeps your vaults online.

  • Scans the CPM log for manual and/or automated password changes
  • Automatically invokes the refresh cache command once a password change is detected 
  • Can refresh the cache in multiple application servers in parallel, utilizing multiple threads to save time
  • Standards-based, using REST and PACLI
  • Leverages your existing CyberArk investment
  • Reduces ancillary and unnecessary traffic to vaults
  • Real-time notifications for failure reporting, including which provider, user, and/or application information was challenged


PRECISION obviates the possibility of unintended DDoS attacks on your vault by reducing the unnecessary traffic associated with vault queries and optimizing the cache refresh interval. This is especially important at organizations with broad, distributed applications and/or regular password rotations.

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