Thycotic Advisory & Engineering Services

Clango’s tight partnership with Thycotic translates into hands-on experience used to deliver a comprehensive Thycotic implementation.

Services for Your Thycotic Deployment

Clango has proven success in the design, implementation, and integration of Thycotic solutions in a wide range of environments. Our capabilities span from design to execution, as well as purpose-built technology solutions that will work seamlessly with your Thycotic deployment.

Solution Design and Execution 

Our resources will provide you Clango’s Thycotic expertise allows us to provide high-level conceptual architecture and integration planning, as well as solution delivery services, for your cybersecurity deployment.

Managed Services

Clango can remotely manage your Thycotic environment to help you keep your team focused on your business goals while we keep your company secure, compliant, and sustainable. 

Upgrades and Integrations     

Clango can manage the entire migration/upgrade and integration process. Starting with preparing your data for migration and integrating with existing systems, Clango can keep the process seamless.

Compliance and Access Reviews

Clango’s Thycotic specialists can help you optimize configurations to meet compliance, auditing, and control requirements, as well as develop new configurations to enable new business services.

Custom Engineering

Our in-house Thycotic expertise allows us to develop custom integrations, plug-ins, and extensions specific to your business needs and environment at a fraction of the cost of internal development.

Thycotic Customization

Clango can help you optimize your privileged access management strategy and deliver a highly-tailored solution that supports and enables your business requirements while reducing risk and cost.


Improved Security and Regulatory Compliance

  • Gain granular control and oversight over privileged actions
  • Enforce least privilege policies
  • Streamline account governance
  • Eliminate secret sprawl across your environment

Expanded Business Services

  • RBAC workflows for access approvals and third-party access requests
  • Identify all application, admin, service, and root accounts to streamline privileged access 

IT Efficiency Gains

  • Eliminate time-consuming, inefficient help-desk processes 
  • Increase automation and reduce operating cost

The Clango Difference

Clango’s partnership with Thycotic, along with our roster of certified professionals, allows us to provide a customized approach to meet your identity and access needs while managing risk across your organization. Our combination of strategic professional services, along with proven technology and engineering solutions, enables us to execute at levels unmatched in the industry.


Who You Work With Matters.

By partnering with a group of experienced consultants who work intentionally and diligently to gain a nuanced understanding of your cybersecurity and business needs, you can ensure you’re working with a team that will actively manage your project and deliver a result that will secure and transform your enterprise.

We’re excited to show you all of the ways working with Clango will be an incredible experience that leads to exceptional results!